Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspiration for reflected shots

I found these inspirational images by a polish photographer on one of the award sites for photojournalism, showing me how far you can go with reflections using them as a photojournalism tool.
I was stopped in my tracks because I think they are really wonderful as they demonstrate  a view from outside the box, and they contain multiple layers in each image. You have a foreground, a middle and background, and it's not a flat picture that Joe Blogs took.
photo layouts  by  .tyzden, a Slovakian newpaper magzine
sourced from http//

The problems I had with this style of photography were:
  • My Flash – it kept switching on when it detected a low level of light so I had to find the menu switch and turn it off.
  • I was originally standing too far back in the frame and putting too much information into the images, so I learned to move closer
  • People kept coming up and asking what was i doing because they thought I was a security breach. So I smiled, explained my arts project and they were happy.
  • My lens wasn’t wide enough to really bend the perspective but I solved this by tilting it and holding away so that I didn’t become reflected in the picture.

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